We can deal with all of your employment law requirements.

We recognise that managing your people effectively is one of the most important aspects to running a successful business.  We offer you a partnership to help take the stress out of managing your staff and ensuring that you comply with employment law. This way you can concentrate on what’s most important to you – running your business.

In the current economic climate we understand how important it is for our clients to keep legal costs to a minimum. At the same time it is important that the standard of legal advice remains of the highest quality. In order to meet this demand we are very flexible when it comes to legal fees.

We can discuss your legal budget with you and let you know what the cost will be to complete the legal work at the outset. This will provide you with extra peace of mind.

We are also able to offer a more complete package. We have created an innovative employment law and HR solution called HR Guy.  HR Guy provides you with all the day-today assistance that you require in respect of employment law. In addition HR Guy provides you with access to legal expense insurance – so you never have to worry about legal fees and compensation associated with Employment Tribunal claims

It is important that you provide your employee with a Contract of Employment. If you fail to provide your employee with a statement of their terms and conditions then you may face claims at the Employment Tribunal.

A Staff Handbook should give details of all of the terms and conditions applying to staff and should provide more detail than what is contained within the Contract of Employment.

A Settlement Agreement – formerly called a Compromise Agreement – is a legally binding contract which can be used to end an employment relationship on agreed terms. A Settlement Agreement can be proposed by you, or by one of your employees.

It is important that you have a policy which contains details of your grievance and disciplinary procedures. At the absolute minimum you must adhere with the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

When faced with the prospect of making staff redundant it is important to consider alternatives to redundancy where possible. If there is no alternative to redundancy then you should consider looking for volunteers.

If you are thinking of acquiring the whole – or part of another business – or if you are the target of a takeover or merger – you must take into account the provision of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (‘TUPE Regs’)

The Employment Tribunal is an independent judicial body established to resolve disputes between employers and employees over employment rights. If your employee has brought a claim against your organisation, we can represent you at an Employment Tribunal hearing.

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