Our Pricing Commitment to you


We are committed to providing you with the best possible information about the likely overall cost of your matter. We will do this both at the time of engagement and at appropriate points, as the matter progresses.

We are also committed to giving you the right information at the right time to help you make informed choices about the legal services you need. This includes giving you an understanding of what the costs might be.

To help you make the right choices for you, we provide you with the information about our services and prices we charge for those services.

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Nicola Rowe –

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Our qualification and expertise

We use experienced and well qualified individuals on all our matters.  Details of our team can be seen on the individual work type pages.  Please click on the relevant work type in the drop down box

You can also meet the team by clicking on ‘Our People’ tab on the home page.



When we provide an estimate of fees or a quotation either verbally, in writing or through our online quotation process, this is our indication which we make in good faith, of our likely fee for carrying out work concerned, based on the information we have at the time the estimate is given.  Any estimates given do not amount to a contractual commitment on our part to carry out the work for that we and they are subject to revision. We will inform you as it becomes apparent our fees are likely to exceed any estimate that we have given and we will discuss with you next steps.


This is a proposal by us to carry out specific work for a specific fee. These quotations will be put to you in writing and will identify the work included. The quotations are based on the information we have at the time of the quotation and that information/circumstances not changing.  Once accepted, a quotation is a contractual commitment by both parties.  If additional work is carried out over and above that specified our fees will be charged at our then applicable standard hourly rates. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for material additional work arising from circumstances known to you when you accepted the quotation but which were not disclosed or which are materially different from those envisaged when the quotation was given.


All fees and disbursements are quoted exclusive of VAT (20%) (Value Added Tax) (at the prevailing rate) where applicable and are payable by you.

The current VAT rate is 20%

Charging Rates

Unless we have agreed a quotation or made another specific agreement with you we invoice on the basis of the time our professional staff have been engaged on your matter. We maintain a record of fees and expenses incurred and, at your request, will provide this to you.

We have hourly charging rates which do not include any enhanced value for work that is particularly complex or which has been carried out quickly or in an inconvenient location, at your request. Any enhanced rates will only be charged with your prior agreement or where we have stipulated an increase for such factors, before embarking on the work.

Our charging rates may be reasonably adjusted from time to time but will not generally be adjusted more frequently than annually.

Detailed Information

At any time, at your request, we will provide you with a full breakdown and expenses (often referred to as disbursements) incurred to date.

Hourly Charging Rates (plus VAT (20%) at the prevailing rate) – Effective 1st April 2024

Partner/Solicitors & Legal Executives with 8+ years’ experience£290.00
Solicitors/Legal Executives with 4+ years’ experience£230.00
Other fee earners of equivalent experience£190.00
Trainee Solicitors/other fee earners£150.00
PA/Secretarial and other non-fee earning/management£105.00

Litigation Fees

There are special rules about litigation costs and fees and these will be sent to you separately where you are involved or could become involved in litigation.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

We can offer alternative fee arrangements based on different structures than a simple hourly charging rate.  These are entered into based on individual circumstances and needs and allow clients to have some certainty regarding fees.

Some examples of these alternative fee arrangements, are noted below.

Fixed Fees

This can be used when we are charging for a predefined service and can be utilised for the whole service or part thereof.  This arrangement can be split into two sub-categories.

  1. Fixed Fee – however costs may be reviewed and increased as deemed appropriate. We will discuss this with you prior to any increase.
  2. Capped Fee – costs will never exceed that agreed with you regardless of how much time is spent on the matter.

Success Fee or Contingency Fee

This is an arrangement based on the results achieved. This arrangement requires a very clear agreement between you and us as to what your desired results may be and clearly identifying what is and is not covered under the fee arrangement.

Damages Based Agreements

A Damages Based Agreement (DBA) is an agreement between you and us where our legal fees are only payable upon a successful outcome and in accordance with the terms of the DBA.  Pursuant to this arrangement you agree that we may receive your compensation and deduct our legal fees at a predetermined percentage in accordance with the agreed terms of the DBA.

Percentage Fee

This is based on a schedule of fees related to the amount involved in the particular matter being handled.  For example, this could be the value of an Estate and any percentage agreed with you may be graduated or consistent.

Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)

In the event of a claim or defence being successful the solicitor would charge their legal fees plus an uplift (or premium) comprising a percentage increase of the same hourly rates charged (normally termed a Success Fee).

Under the CFA if the claim or defence is unsuccessful, no fees whatsoever would be charged and the only cost to you would be disbursements (expenses) incurred such as a court fee or counsel’s fees which we would normally agree with you in advance.

Fixed Fee plus Hourly Charge

This arrangement is where a portion of the work we do for you may be charged on a fixed fee or flat basis and another portion of the work may be charged on an hourly charging rate.  This is usually because parts of the work cannot be easily defined and therefore charged at a fixed fee.

Fee Collars

This arrangement means that hourly charging rates will be charged for work done but that a minimum and maximum fee chargeable will be quoted.

To review pricing information relating to areas of work, please click on the relevant drop down box.

We provide information relating to:

Debt Recovery


Employment for Businesses

Employment for Individuals


Retrieval of Documents

If we retrieve papers or documents from storage in relation to continuing or new instructions to act for you, we will not normally charge for this.

Where we are holding Wills, Deeds or other documents in safe custody and you request we release these to you, another firm of solicitors or a third party, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the retrieval and, where necessary, forwarding the items by a secure method.

Currently the charge is £100 plus VAT per item retrieved, although you will appreciate this charge can change with time and will, in any event, be the subject of annual review. We will notify you at the time of your request of any charge applicable.