Timeshare & Fractional Ownership

We have substantial experience of the legal framework and issues arising from timeshare developments from the perspective of both the management companies/trustees and the individual members including the following:-

  • Sale or transfer of timeshare property
  • Winding up of timeshare schemes
  • Variation of timeshare schemes and documentation
  • Review of developments and scheme documentation
  • Preservation of timeshare property and safeguarding of assets for the benefit of members
  • Disputes by management, trustees and members of schemes
  • Fractional ownership of different types of property.

We are members of the Resort Developments Association.

Our Experts

Jonathan Hogg



News & Insights

Spouses and Civil Partners set to Inherit more from Intestate Estates

From 6 February 2020, spouses or civil partners with children will be able to inherit £270,000 from intestate estates.  This is up from £250,000, which has been the amount set from October 2014. An intestate Estate is one where the person has died without leaving a Will.  In these circumstances,...

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