We were proud to participate in the Hope University “Entrepreneurs Lunch” on 20th September 2016 which was held at the EDEN Building.

Michael Sandys (Partner) attended the event where he took part in helping postgraduate students who either had already started their business or were about to start a business with initial advice and support on legal issues ranging from protection of Intellectual Property to Commercial Contracts.  The new businesses ranged from HR and private tuition to importing and exporting goods from the Far East to supporting people with eating disorders.

Michael commented: “It was an honour to be asked and to meet some of the new start-ups who are all located in the Liverpool City Region, some of whom originally come from outside the UK and who are keen to invest and progress their business ideas here.”

Hope University is promoting interaction between the business community of the City Region and its postgraduates so as to help generate wealth and new business for tomorrow.