Patent Box – Deadline of 30 June 2016

The deadline for new applications for Patent Box tax relief is now 30 June 2016.

If you own a patent, have filed for a patent or have an exclusive licence for a patent then you may be eligible for corporation tax relief and a potential reduced rate of 10%.   This is in addition to normal R&D tax credits.

You may wish to take advice on whether something you have created is worthy of patent protection so as to take advantage of the current scheme.   We can advise on patent protection, licensing and commercialisation.  Patents protect products and processes and can also be granted in some cases for software if a technical effect is created.

It is likely that a new scheme will take the place of Patent Box but it may not be as beneficial so be aware of the deadline and take advice now.

If you would like to discuss please contact Michael Sandys at or on 0151 242 5995.