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  • Reputation and image rights
  • Your name/brand and logo
  • Specialist knowledge/know how
  • Trade secrets
  • Inventions
  • Designs
  • Software
  • Artwork
  • Databases

If any of the above are important to your business, you need to read on.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

Intellectual Property (IP) is used to describe any form of original creation.  It can be bought or sold and commercialised.  It is a very important business asset, but its value can often be underestimated.  It is important that this business asset is protected so that it cannot be copied, misused or stolen.

IP protection is critical to fostering business development and innovation.  Without protection of their ideas, businesses will not acquire the full benefits of their inventions and creations.

Why should I protect my IP?

You may think that you do not have the knowledge, expertise or resources necessary to prevent the theft of your ideas and products.  However, that does not mean you cannot protect your business.

No matter what size or type of business you operate, you know how important it is that customers can distinguish your product or service from that of your competitors.  The specialist IP team at Guy Williams Layton will advise on how to protect your brand, trade secrets, manufacturing processes, trademarks, patents, design and image rights helping you to avoid them being misused, copied or stolen.  In addition, we can recommend how they can be successfully commercialised and licensed to a third party to generate revenue.

Act now – initial IP audit is FREE

IP protection is complex and requires specialist advice.  This is where the highly experienced lawyers led by Michael Sandys in the Guy Williams Layton IP department can help.  We are aware times are tough and budgets are constrained, so to help your business, we are offering a FREE initial IP audit of your business.

After assessing the results of the audit we can advise you on what is required to ensure your IP assets are properly protected and discuss the cost for completing this before undertaking further work.

For more information

Michael and his team are here to help and ready to answer any questions you may have.  We will advise you how to protect against: theft, damage to reputation caused by misuse and the devaluation of your assets, protection from copying-piracy and counterfeiting and assist you in putting in place insurance cover for your IP.

Call Guy Williams Layton today on 0151 236 7171 to find out more and remember the Initial IP audit is FREE.

IP can be your most important business asset, make sure it’s protected.

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