It was reported recently that Victoria Beckham has registered her children’s names as European and UK Trade Marks.

Much like McDonald’s or Heinz, “Brand Beckham” as it is so-called carries with it a large amount of value, or “goodwill” as it is known in the legal industry. From fashion items to perfume and aftershave, the name ‘Beckham’ is no longer just associated with a well-taken free kick.

The Beckhams are certainly big business and like any business they want to protect their assets. In this particular instance, they are future-proofing the use of their children’s names in relation to whatever product or service Brand Beckham chooses to provide. It is highly likely that Victoria might like to add a ‘Harper Beckham’ line to her fashion empire, or perhaps a new ‘Harper’ perfume.

A quick search on the Intellectual Property Office website shows that ‘Harper Beckham’ has been registered in 7 classes encompassing beauty, music, publications, bags, clothing, toys and entertainment (broadly speaking). It would seem there are big plans for little Harper.

Ensuring that the names are Trade Marks protects their brand and bolsters value within the Beckham family business. Registering a company name (if possible) or logo, no matter how small you might think the company is, will always generate added value. Just think; would you rather purchase a company that has registered and protected its name and/or logo as a Trade Mark or one that has not?

The specialist team at Guy Williams Layton can help you and your business to register both UK and EU Trade Marks and provide ongoing advice should any challenges arise during the registration process.

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