Why make a Will with a Solicitor rather than a Will Writer?

Solicitor Will Writer
Solicitors are fully trained in the Law, have compulsory ongoing training and are subject to strict regulation What training has a Will writer received?  They are not regulated nor do they fall under the regulatory control of the Legal Services Board
We will keep your Will in safe custody free of charge Will writers make a charge for storing your Will which can be hundreds of pounds
If a legal firm closes, the Law Society takes charge of all Wills and deeds and you can still gain access to your Will If a Will writer decides to no longer run the business who knows what may happen to your Will.  It is not uncommon for Will writers to keep Wills at a storage facility and if the bill is not paid, the contents of the container are destroyed.   This would mean that in spite of having made a Will you would still be intestate
We offer a fixed charge for straightforward Wills and will give you a quote for more complex or tax planning Wills.  You may be surprised to know that we are almost always more competitive on price than Will writersWe are happy to give you a no obligation quote to ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones for the future
For advice please contact Jane Hogg at Jane@gwl.co.uk or on 0151 236 7171